Get Hired is a specialist Outplacement and Career Support Consultancy helping organisations & Individuals across Australia.

We are passionate about helping people throughout their career journey, providing high value solutions to businesses, and assisting companies in navigating organisational changes such as downsizing.

We work with a range of clients Australia Wide in the private, public and not for profit sectors in a variety of industries offering a broad range of services

About Us

Our local Consultants are industry experts, each having more than a decade of corporate experience in Career Coaching, Resume Writing, Recruitment &/ HR Services across a multitude of industries and disciplines, enabling us to match all our client needs.

Our Services Include:

Outplacement services [learn more]

Resume writing / Linkedin Profiles [learn more]

Career counselling / Career coaching [learn more]

Interview coaching [learn more]

Why Get Hired?
Because we care. We empower people. We’re great at what we do!

Choosing Get Hired sends a clear message to your employees. You are there to help them through a difficult time, with a company that is dedicated to getting them hired.
With our unique business model and using Specialist Consultants we are able to offer the best-priced services within Australia, all with incredible value & quality of service.

What sets us apart is our passion for what we do. Our Consultants are chosen not just based on their expertise, qualifications and experience, but because they believe in what we do. Empowering people to take charge of their career and to pursue their dreams.

Get Hired were passionate about making a difference

We really saw a positive attitude change amongst both exiting and remaining staff after using their services

They were able to really connect with individuals across all levels of the business

 For Employers:

For Individuals:

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