7 ways to get a better job in Melbourne

While the Melbourne is known for Sport, restaurants, fashion and terrific coffee, it’s also a great place to take advantage of the vast opportunities and move forward in your career. Almost every industry is represented here, and you can work at any size company, from a small start up to an established multinational.

So to keep your resume out of the recruiters rubbish bin and to help get you to the next step in your career, we’ve put together some of our best tips to give you the edge on the competition

Use your Network

Use your personal and professional networks. In Melbourne, you really never know when you’ll meet that person who just might lead you to your next job opportunity.

It’s not uncommon for someone to reach out to their old co-workers when they’re hiring or know of a job opening at their company. Referrals from your personal connections are also an excellent way to get an introduction that can help you land an interview for your dream job.

Upgrade & promote your LinkedIn profile

Experts are unanimous on this one: Employers are going to look at your LinkedIn page, so make sure it’s representing you in the best possible way. Career coach and Director of Get Hired Australia, Rob Gallacher suggests padding your profile with keywords that recruiters will search for. Also use LinkedIn’s new Open Candidates setting to privately show recruiters that you’re on the market, without alerting your current employer.

Raise your profile

Cement yourself as a leader and expert in your industry by joining trade associations, volunteering to speak at events or conferences, or publishing a post on an industry blog/groups on LinkedIn. You’ll create a track record of expertise, and you’ll have an easier time selling your experience to potential employers, says Rob Gallacher. “Whether through industry groups or online forums, you’re creating more immediate credibility, trust and intimacy,”he says.

Streamline your resume

Your resume should serve as a sample of your most relevant work history. If you’re a decade or more into your career, you're wasting valuable real estate if you still list your part time job at Red Rooster. “Consider dropping off your early jobs -- they probably don’t say much about your current skills anyway,” says Rob.

Highlight technical competencies

You don’t have to be an IT gura (unless of course you work in IT!) , but just about everyone needs some tech skills to get job nowadays. Update your resume to highlight tools you already use. Eg Microsoft suite, MYOB, Indesign etc. If the job you’re seeking requires a skill you don’t have there are many online courses available which will help you get up to speed.

Look beyond pay

We all know the saying “money doesn’t buy happiness”, so make sure you’re not putting too much weight on compensation during your job search. “Reflect on why you want a new job and isolate the ‘happiness elements’ that are driving you to seek a new opportunity,” Rob says. Is it company size? Commute time? Advancement opportunities? Take all of these things into consideration before setting your targets.

Spend more time in coffee shops....??

Rather than rent an office space or meet in a conference rooms, a growing trend not just in Melbourne, but across the country, more and more of us are conducting business and work in coffee shops. Stay there long enough and you may overhear job interviews, competitor information and new opportunities arising. Coffee shops are full of professional freelancers and people working outside of the office for a few hours who may be Project Managers, HR, lawyers, Engineers — you name it.

Places like 1000 Pound Bend and Cru Café are constantly full of professionals working away, collaborating and exchanging ideas. While there’s a certain form of etiquette about working at cafés, such as buying a drink every few hours, people there may be willing to have a conversation. That person could very well open an unexpected door that leads to your next career move.